About us


The Dance Universum, founded by Nikolett Váczi in 2004, has grown into one of the leading dance competitions in the country, which is now hitting international gates. The dance school which was managed by one person at the time, has now become a family friendly society which offers lots of services.

It has now become our mission to provide dancers at all levels with a positive, fun, inspiring, safe and family-friendly environment to showcase their hard work and talent.

The discipline, focus and artistic enlightenment of a performer creates success in all aspects of life. Performing Arts education contributes to the development of responsible, dedicated, determined, and creative adults in society. We delight in fostering each individual great love of dance and performance, while inspiring self-confidence and respect of the performing arts.


I attribute much of my success as a dancer to what I learned at dance competitions as a child.

Though I didn’t know it then, I was learning the confidence, determination and a growth mindset that I needed to survive in the competitive world of dance competitions.

Funny thing was I didn’t always win, but it never stopped me trying, and those dancers I saw at each and every competition weren’t my competitors, they were my inspiration.

I practiced again and again, and the greatest satisfaction for me was that I am better than last time in every competition.

Wherever you go in your life I hope that Dance Univesum can help you learn that everything in this world is possible, you have to believe in yourself!


Our mission has always been to offer a better dance competition. One that is a positive and inspiring, one that unites rather than divides and one that brings young dancers closer to the professional dancers they look up to.

Our movements shape the industry and play an important role in young dancers’ development which we take very seriously. Our goal is to be a worldwide brand which brings our unique style of dance competitions directly to our customers.

DANCE UNIVERSUM is more than a dance competition…

Based on the years we have left behind so far, we promise that the focus will never change;

We’ll keep working to provide a positive competition experience for dancers and their families. We are constantly striving to improve by reevaluating everything from our rules to our trophies each and every year.

The organizers of Dance Universum are committed to providing a fun, fair and exciting venue for young dancers to take the stage.

We believe that young dancers at all levels need to be in a positive environment to showcase their talent.

The Dance Universum team is a collection of unique, kind and caring individuals who work together to produce an incredible world-class event that provides performers, teachers and families with memories that will last a lifetime. 

We strive to provide high quality judges to critique, enrich and educate each performer that crosses our stage.

Our judges are professional dancers with extensive teaching experience who understand the importance of every moment the dancers spend on our stage.

We ask all dancers to strive for their personal best as well as to support their fellow dancers.

You are stars, you deserve brilliance!!!

Thanks and love,
Nikolett Váczi, Gyula Szabó and the whole team of the Dance Universum